Jonathan Studd
How do I know when to use the verb tenses for "to have" and when to use "to be"?
May 6, 2016 1:39 AM
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Ciao! You use "essere" with intransitive verbs. *Remember that the participle must agree in gender and number. You can use essere with verbs that deal with motion or existence: -andare Sono andato in Germania. I went to Germany. (m. singular) Sono andata in Germania. (f. singular) Siamo andati in Germania. We went to Germany. (m/f plural) Siamo andate in Germania. (f plural) -venire I miei amici sono venuti a trovarmi. My friends came to visit me. -essere Sono stato in Italia. I was in Italy You also use "essere" in the reflexive forms. For example: -lavarsi Mi sono (essere) lavata la faccia. I washed my face. Mi sono vestita. I got dressed. Avere is usually used with transitive verbs, such as: -amare Ho amato Luca. I loved Luca. -prendere Ho preso un caffe'. I got a coffee. -comprare Ho comprato un libro. I bought a book I noticed that there are verbs that can take both "avere" and "essere": Ex: vivere Ho vissuto in Inghilterra per 3 anni. or Sono vissuto in Inghilterra per 3 anni. You can see a difference between "correre" being use as a transitive verb and a non transitive verb: Ho corso una maratona. I ran a marathon. or Sono corsa all'universita'. I ran to the university. I am sure a native speaker can tell you more! :)
May 6, 2016
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