Or, I would... Does "Or, I would suggest, in..." mean "if he did not mention it in his paper I would consider it myself in ..."? McGonigal’s paper differentiates importantly between two identifiable strains of flash mob: the one of site-specific ‘play’ is intent on ‘fun’, whilst the other of site-specific ‘performance’ is more concerned, so it is implied, with instilling a deeper political or ethical consciousness. Or, I would suggest, in revealing the rich contradictions of agonistic urban space.
May 7, 2016 9:51 AM
Answers · 1
The author implies that "revealing the rich contradictions of agonistic urban space." is not in the paper so he/she is adding it. For example, my boss wants to eat at the Italian restaurant. Or, I would suggest, we eat at the Chinese restaurant. I would suggest is a very polite and somewhat formal way of stating your opinion or desire.
May 7, 2016
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