Sweet Lips - Sultry 1-What does "sweet lip(s)" exactly mean? 2-Has "sultry" a negative mean for women always? Is it an offensive word for them? 3-Is it an acceptable poetic phrase: Sweet lips of hers make her (seems) sultry. Please leave your valuable sentences. Thanks a lot.
May 7, 2016 8:11 PM
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First, "Sweet lips" is an endearing expression used to express someone's sexual desirability or romantic attractiveness. It is, generally, complimentary in a sexual way. Literally it means someone has lips that are sweet to the taste and enjoyable to kiss. Second, the term sultry literally means "humid" or damp and may be used to refer to a woman's sexual desirability. Use of the term "sultry" with reference to a woman is generally restricted for reference to women who are more available sexually than most. Third...I'll leave this one to the poets...
May 7, 2016
1) Taken literally, it means that someone's lips taste sweet. In a more poetic sense, it could be taken to mean that the lips are beautiful (like a flower). In both contexts this is a compliment. 2) "Sultry" does not always have a negative meaning. In my experience it usually doesn't have any negative meaning at all. It can loosely be interchanged with "sexy." 3) "Her sweet lips make her sultry" would sound more natural, though to be completely honest the word "sultry" is a bit strong, so be careful when using it. Hopefully this helps!
May 7, 2016
no, not at all. but it is said in certain situations (ie: poetry or writing sexy books), it's not for everyday language.
May 7, 2016
1-What does "sweet lip(s)" exactly mean? > kissable-looking lips Does "sultry" has a negative conotation when used to describe a woman ? Is it an offensive word for them? > No , It's not . It.s a compliment , depending on the situation. The sweet lips of hers make her so sultry./sexy> ok The way she dance is so sultry
May 7, 2016
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