Gob on a stick I have some difficult expression from the Coronaion Street I can't get the logical meaning of that What does it mean cause I can't find anything about this expression on the internet? To who? I might be a gob on a stick but I know how to be a good mate. The other hard expression to undestand in the sentance is that below from the movie: If Phelan had rounded it up to the nearest five, it wouldn't have felt as sweet somehow. It takes guts to put your head down No more knocked off stuff! He is really cut off. Don't know how to handle He's lashing out... Just keep it in mind. If you pulled it off, those people out there in the audience. Whoever is not up to par, I'm going to cut you and you are going home. I had to chip away little by little Merge together, it's going to take a while. stick it on the tab
May 8, 2016 12:32 PM
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Northern slang/expressions... OK, here goes nothing... It's not an expression which is why you can't find anything. But what the person is saying is that although they might have a big mouth/be mouthy, they know how to be a good friend. OK, explanation. 'Gob' means 'mouth.' If someone has a 'big gob' it means they talk a lot/talk in inappropriate situations. So the person is saying that despite this character flaw they know how to be a good friend. As for the 'on a stick' part, the only thing I can think of is perhaps the person who said it is skinny? So the 'stick' would then be a self-deprecating reference to their body type. Without context it's hard to answer some of the others but I'll do my best. 'Knocked off' means stolen. 'Cut off...' is a bit weird. People normally say 'cut up.' Basically it means 'really upset.' If you 'pull something off' then it means 'to achieve something' (in that context anyway.) 'Tabs' are used in pubs and bars. Instead of paying for each drink or each round of drinks individually you can 'set up a tab' behind the bar. This means that you pay for everything you have ordered when you are ready to leave the pub. The people behind the bar keep a cumulative total of the amount of money you have spent and you pay it all in one go. So the person wants to add another drink to their tab.
May 8, 2016
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