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Please teach me how to say these in Thai ( corrections please) Thank you . 1) Are you familiar with this place ? > Kun ruu-jaak sa taan thee nee dee mai ? 2) Something is burning . I can smell it > Mee aria yang neung mai . Pom dai glin mun 3) How many places are there like this in your hometown ? > Thee baan kun mee gee แห่ง meuuan sa thaan thee nee ?
May 9, 2016 9:41 AM
Answers · 3
1 the sentense is understandable, or you can use คุ้นเคย (kunkeai) for familiar. (คุณคุ้นเคยสถานที่นี้ดีมั๊ย) 2 yang=grill, pl use mai (ไหม้) instead of yang 3the sentense is understandable or exchange (tee ban kun mee ti muean ti ni kee hang?)
May 10, 2016
can you give me your e-mail i would like to send you an audio clip for more natural way
May 14, 2016
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