Tuna Barnes
Does anyone know any good resource for learning 사투리, or at least a starting place to do so? I'd like to learn 전라도 방언 to begin with when it comes to 사투리. I'm still learning 경기 방언 because it is the standard in Korean. I'm young and probably won't use it in conversation often, but I love how 전라도 방언 sounds. Any tips or suggestions? I'll see what I can find on my own, too. All help is greatly appreciated! ^^
May 10, 2016 2:30 AM
Answers · 2
Hmm..If you don't mind I should rectify your knowledge regarding Korean Standard Language. "방언" means dialect, and that means "경기 방언" is a dialect of 경기 province, Korea. Basically Seoul, the capital city of Korea, is located in the middle of 경기 province, but that does not mean two of them are the same. Go back to your question, it will be very hard to find official source for 방언. You may want to learn some of 사투리(Dialect) expressions to talk better with your acquantainces living there. For that reason, watching movies spoken in 전라도 사투리 would meet your want. I recommend one, please refer to below link. http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/basic.nhn?code=139674
May 11, 2016
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