similar words 안녕하세요 Please clarify for me the difference between these words . since The meaning are somehow similar . Thanks 1-예식장 vs 결혼식장 2-날씨 vs 일기 3-조리 vs 국자 4-쌀을 씻다 vs 쌀을 일다 5-눈물이 나다 vs 눈물 어리다 6-날씨가 후텀지근하다 vs 날씨가 찌다
May 10, 2016 11:45 AM
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1-예식장 vs 결혼식장: 예식장 = ceremony hall; 결혼식장 = wedding hall. In reality, they are used interchangeably. 2-날씨 vs 일기: 일기 means 그날의 날씨, but it isn't used as much (only in phrases like 일기예보), because 날씨 is better. 3-조리 vs 국자: 조리 = strainer, 국자 = ladle. Other than that they're both kitchen utensils, there's nothing in common. 4-쌀을 씻다 vs 쌀을 일다: They have the same meaning "rinse" in this context. 5-눈물이 나다 vs 눈물이 어리다 - 나다 (shed; come out) is a more advanced state than 어리다 (start to appear; well up). 6-날씨가 후텀지근하다 vs 날씨가 찌다 (후텀지근하다 -> 후덥지근하다) 후덥지근하다 is "muggy", while 찌다 means "sweltering". If 후덥지근하다 gets more severe, it becomes 찐다.
May 10, 2016
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