What is a kick-off banquet? Thanks...
Oct 27, 2008 1:03 AM
Answers · 2
In addition to the also introduces the mission/goal of the project to the participants and general public, if need be, to foster support. It celebrates the beginning of relationships and hopes of a successful end result...with food and drink. ^ ^ It is usually in a form of a sit down dinner, buffet or serving hors d'oeuvres.
October 27, 2008
A "kick-off" is a meeting of people who are involved in a project (often a large project), bringing them together so they can meet each other, develop contacts and relationships, and hopefully produce excitement and enthusiasm about the upcoming project. A kick-off "banquet" would be such a meeting combined with food - a celebration dinner. Meetings with banquets might attract more attendees because of the food.
October 27, 2008
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