what r u doing if someone give u 10 milion dolars??
Oct 27, 2008 6:32 AM
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i will share it with u hhhhhh iam just jokking iam going to help the poor people especialy the poverty in africa they really need our support
October 27, 2008
You know, no money - no problem:) if somebody gives you 10 million dollars, God knows what he will ask you to do afterwards:) unless you are a poor African state:) seriously, if i had 10 million dollars spare money, probably most of them would be spent for charity, presents for my friends and relatives and pure fun, i would hardly invest them in any profitable business, as i am not business-minded.
October 28, 2008
Well first of all I wouldn't be so cheap buying groceries. BUT honestly here's what I would do: Diversify. Buy some rental properties. Invest enough in tax-free muni bond funds to provide a cushy monthly income so if somehow I blew it all I'd have money coming in assured. Set up businesses to help shelter some earnings from taxes. Have maybe 1.5-2 million in liquid assets. If it was NOW and the stock market is down I'd invest a chunk in a variety of growth stock funds. i FOR FUN: Play craps in Vegas with 1000 dollar chips. Go skydiving. Take a cruise to Alaska and eat fresh Alaskan king crab. See if I can fill up all the visa stamp pages on my passport. Should I not blow all the money I suppose I would donate some to causes I deemed worthy. Probably not more than 10% of the total unless my investments were rocking.
October 27, 2008
Do you know the humanitarian organizations Emergency and Amnesty International? 5,000,000 $ each. They really need it much more than me – I can work to make what I need.
October 27, 2008
i will buy italki and delete this question ... :) 10 milion $... i will establish a good work , buy house , help my familly ,friends and people , travel , study ,marry
October 28, 2008
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