Bo-Yu Chen
The usage of an article This is a question from an English leaning app. The answer is B, but I think A is the correct answer. Could you give me the right answer and some explanation? Thanks. Though he is a hero, he lacks motivation. = ___ as he is, he lacks motivation. A. A hero B. Hero
May 12, 2016 6:15 AM
Answers · 3
Neither phrase sounds natural to me. "Heroic as he is" makes sense, but "Hero as he is" sounds awkward. "A hero as he is" just sounds wrong.
May 12, 2016
May 12, 2016
A hero as he is, he lacks motivation. 他是“个”英雄,他缺乏动力 Hero as he is, he lacks motivation. 他是英雄,他缺乏动力。
May 12, 2016
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