Marina Maslova
What do these idioms mean? wouldn’t be caught dead wasn’t playing with a full deck tightening the thumbscrews sang like a bird. pulled the wool over their eyes missed the boat see the back of that guy speak of the devil jump on the bandwagon
May 13, 2016 6:17 PM
Answers · 4
Wouldn't be caught dead = "Even If I were dead, I would be embarrassed by the situation, so I would never do it" Wasn't playing with a full deck= "unprepared/incomplete," or possibly "stupid/mentally ill" (deck refers to a "deck of playing cards") tightening the thumbscrews... I am a native speaker, and this one is new to me! sang like a bird= "told everything" in the sense of telling details of a crime to the police or an authority figure, usually used disparagingly about someone who divulges information pulled the wool over their eyes= "to trick/deceive" missed the boat= "lost an opportunity" see the back of that guy... haha, I don't know this one. Maybe means something like, "nice ass" speak of the devil= example situation: we were just talking about john, and then john calls me on the phone. "speak of the devil, there's john now." jump on the bandwagon: "join in whatever trend/idea is popular." Can be used disparagingly, though not necessarily
May 13, 2016
Also in addition to Brian's answer: If you say 'I'd like to see the back of that guy', this means that you want him to go away or be sent away. In other words, you'd like to get rid of him and would like to see his back as he departs.
May 13, 2016
In addition to Brian's answer: "Tighten the thumbscrews " means to force someone to do something.
May 13, 2016
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