빠져가지고빠져가지고 Given that there are so many meanings associated with 빠지다, which one does this website take? To immerse, to escape, to detach and blah blah... Along with an adjective it can even bestow an enhanced intensity to it... Talking of so many usages just in one word! Now over to The 24th scene down the page ... 어째 그리 신중해 빠져가지고... Do they both take on the same meaning or something entirely different? To me it seems like it means to immerse (to delve deep into)
May 14, 2016 2:08 PM
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빠지다's meanings may be divided into two broad groups. 1. fall into a pit, a bad condition, emotion, habit, etc. usually against one's will. - a 구덩이에 빠지다: fall into a pit. - a 도박에 빠지다: fall into a gambling habit. - a 사랑에 빠지다: fall in love. - a 어떤 사람에게 빠지다: fall (amorously) for someone. - b 신중해 빠지다 (=지나치게 신중하다): be overly cautious. - b 느려 빠지다: be excessively slow. (빠지다 in the #b sense is only used in familiar speech. It can sound rude.) 2. comes out of a pre-established state, including physical setup as well as figurative things like a meeting, etc. - a 못이 빠지다: A nail came out. - a 이빨이 빠지다: a tooth falls out. - a 얼이 빠지다 / 정신이 빠지다 (= 얼/정신이 나가다): be distracted; lose one's mind. - a 기운이 빠지다: lose strength/vigor. - b 그룹에서 빠지다 (=탈퇴하다): withdraw from a group. - b 모임에 빠지다 (= 참석하지 않다): doesn't show at a meeting (where one is expected). - c 이익이 빠지다 (= 남다): a profit comes out of a business (사업에서 투자 금액은 빠졌다). - d 돈이 빠지다 (= 모자라다): some amount is missing (돈이 만 원 빠진다). 빠지다 does have a lot of meanings making it difficult to grasp all the usages (the #a and #b are the basic ones). As for the website (, it is a potpourri of blindly collected pictures with "빠져가지고" in caption. The top picture has "#얼 #빠져가지고" (얼빠지다 = 얼이 빠지다), which means "lost my mind" to the awesome arts there. The next picture mentions falling for someone, so the collection doesn't have any consistent theme.
May 14, 2016
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