Stephanie Yoon
Could someone explain the meaning of 찍혀버려써 I saw someone say in a video and the caption said: 나 찍혀버려써 What does that mean? Did they do something accidentally?
May 15, 2016 3:30 AM
Answers · 2
찍혀버려써 is typo 찍혀 버렸어 is correct spelling. 찍혀버렸어 is composed as 찍히(다) + 어 + 버리(다) + 었 + 어 The meaning of 찍히다 depends on the context. (사진을) 찍히다 means "be photographed" (요주의 인물로) 찍히다 means "be fingered as someone to watch" 어 is connecting particle 버리다 is an auxiliary verb -아/어/여 버리다. This structure is used to express the completion of a certain action. In addition to the fact that an action is completed, this structure also includes the speaker’s feeling, which can be 1) a happy feeling about finally completing a task and getting rid of a burden, or 2) a sad feeling that something happened in a way that the speaker did not want or expect. 었 is a past tense particle 어 is an ending particle. 나 찍혀 버렸어 can be mean "Regretfully, I was photographed" or ""Regretfully, I was fingered as someone to watch"
May 15, 2016
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