May Nguyen
Retail Worker Questions for shoes. I work in a shoe outlet, and we get frequent Chinese Mandarin speakers coming in. I'm just asking what to say to them for example what shoe size they wear or how they are doing. Basically and customer service questions. If you would like me to be specific, just let me know please!
May 16, 2016 4:21 AM
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您 nin2 好 hao3,欢 huan1 迎 ying2 光 guang1 临 lin2 (Hello and welcome!) 您 nin2 想 xiang3 要 yao4 什 shen2 么 me 样 yang4 式 shi4 的 de 鞋 xie2? (What style do you prefer?) 您 nin2 穿 chuan1 多 duo1 大 da4 尺 chi3 码 ma3? (What size do you wear?) 请 qing3 看 kan4 看 kan 我 wo3 们 men 最 zui4 新 xin1 款 kuan3 的 de 鞋 xie2 (Please take a look at our latest models) 您 nin2 觉 jue2 得 de2 怎 zen3 么 me 样 yang4? (How do you like it?) 我 wo3 觉 jue2 得 de2 这 zhe4 个 ge 款 kuan3 式 shi4 非 fei1 常 chang2 适 shi4 合 he2 您 nin2 (I think this style suits you well) 您 nin2 可 ke3 以 yi3 试 shi4 穿 chuan1 一 yi2 下 xia4(You can try them on) 试 shi4 衣 yi1 间 jian1 这 zhe4 边 bian1 请 qing3 (Changing room this way please) 非 fei1 常 chang2 抱 bao4 歉 qian4,X 码 ma3 的 de 鞋 xie2 已 yi3 经 jing1 没 mei2 有 you3 了 le(We're very sorry but size X shoes have been sold out) 这 zhe4 款 kuan3 鞋 xie2 可 ke3 以 yi3 打 da3 7 qi1 折 zhe2 (We have 30% off on this model) The Chinese way of discounting is contrary to that of USA. For example 7折 means 70% of the Orig. price, which equals 30% off. 您 nin2 消 xiao1 费 fei4 满 man3 250(er4 bai3 wu3 shi2) 美 mei3 元 yuan2 可 ke3 以 yi3 获 huo4 得 de2 50(wu3 shi2) 美 mei3 元 yuan2 折 zhe2 扣 kou4 (If you spend $250, you get $50 off) 价 jia4 格 ge2 标 biao1 在 zai4 这 zhe4 里 li (The price is already marked here) 请 qing3 在 zai4 表 biao3 格 ge2 的 de 此 ci3 处 chu4 签 qian1 名 ming2 (Please sign here in the box) 请 qing3 慢 man4 走 zou3,欢 huan1 迎 ying2 下 xia4 次 ci4 光 guang1 临 lin2! (Mind your step! Looking for your next visit!)
May 16, 2016
您好,有什么可以帮您吗?【nin hao,you shenme keyi bang nin ma?】(Can I help you?) 您要试试这双鞋吗?【nin yao shishi zhe shuang xie ma?】(Would you like to try it on?) 您穿多大码的?【nin chuan duoda ma de?】(What's your size?) 怎么样?合适吗?【zenmeyang? heshi ma?】(How is it?) sorry,my computer has some problem so cannot input the tones today,let me know if you want to know more:)
May 17, 2016
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