진짜예요 means? What does this mean? I don't understand how 진짜 can be a noun. 진짜 = real?
May 17, 2016 7:10 PM
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Yes! I'm just saying what Yoori said. 진짜 is an adverb when used before the verb. 그 날을 진짜 좋아했다. = I really liked that day. ('Really' being the adverb 진짜) Here is an example from an example I sent to my friend. This time it's a noun and just used as a sense of disbelief and shock. 나: 오! 어제 엄마는 나한테 50000원을 줬어! (Oh! Yesterday my mom gave me $50!) 가: 와~~진짜예요? 부러워요!!! (Wow~really?! I'm jealous!!!) So as Yoori said, it's like us saying "really", "oh my god" or "seriously" just to name a few. I also wanted to say how they're different because of their parts of speech. One is an adverb the other is a noun.
May 17, 2016
'진(眞)' is borrowed from Chinese (real, genuine), and '짜' is a pure Korean suffix that transforms the word to pretty much anything. (adjective, adverb) It's actually a slang, thus you won't find it in official documents. Below are some often used words with '진': 진실(n): genuine + fact(reality) = truth 진품(n): genuine article 진심(n): genuine + heart(mind): this one is tricky since it doesn't exist as a noun in English, the closest one being the adverb "sincerely" which in turn would translate to "진심으로" example: 진심이야?: no kidding? 네, 진심입니다: Yes, I'm serious about this (I mean it from the bottom of my heart) Now you know four Chinese module words that will be very handy over the course of learning Korean. (or even Chinese or Japanese with slightly different pronunciations)
May 18, 2016
Thank you, Yoori Jo!
May 18, 2016
Hello! Usually 진짜 is used as a form of 'very' 'really', for example if you want to say "I really love watching TV", it would be " 나 TV 보는거 진짜 좋아해" or "I really don't like you" = " 나 너 진짜 싫어해" however if you want to use 진짜 as a noun, you could use it as an exclamation word, which in English would be "REALLY?" "OMG REAL?" "ACTUAL?" some kind of like this :) So if someone says to you "나 어제 운전면허증 땄다~" = " I received my Driver's license yesterday~" You can say "진짜?!?!" which means "Really?" "OMG actual?" Thanks :)
May 17, 2016
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