I wanna know what are those Proverbs mean please 1-One rotten egg spoils twenty fresh ones. 2-Empty vessels make the most noise. 3-A narrow mind has a board tongue. 4-He who never fails never grows rich. 5-Happiness is not having what you want,but wanting what you have. *Thanks in advance :)- i mean do not are..
May 17, 2016 10:58 PM
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1 - It only requires one bad thing to ruin the rest of the good things. It is commonly used for people who are troublemakers and influence other people who are normally well-behaved. You may refer to a troublemaker as a "bad egg", which references this idiom. 2 - It is usually stupid or superficial people (empty vessels) who have nothing of value to say, but still say everything that comes to their mind. 3 - This means basically the same thing as #2. A "narrow mind" is a person who is not open to new ideas, a "broad tongue" means that they always express their own ideas. 4 - Being successful requires you to make efforts which will sometimes end in failure. But if you don't make any efforts, you will not be successful. 5 - This means that you should be content with what you have and not constantly seeking to get more. If you always want more, you will never be happy.
May 17, 2016
1. It only takes one person doing the wrong thing to spoil things for everyone. This is equivalent to the English expression 'one bad apple spoils the whole barrel'. 2. People who talk a lot often have nothing to say that is worth listening to, 3. People who don't know much or who are intolerant often have a lot to say 4, you can't suceed without taking risks 5. Don't make youself unhappy wanting what you can't have. Enjoy what you have
May 18, 2016
Please do not write (and preferably, do not say) 'wanna'. It should be 'want to'.
May 18, 2016
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