What sentence structures can you use in Greek? So, apparantly in greek it goes by SVO like in english, but according to some websites and resources it's "more flexible than that and can be in other orders sometimes but that dosen't mean u can just put things in any random order u want." ??? what other orders CAN u put sentences in? And when would u use those orders as opposed to SVO?
May 18, 2016 1:09 PM
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My suggestion is to try listening and reading as much Greek as possible, until you get an intuitive feeling about how to order the words. Trying to learn a list of words order rules sounds like nightmare... My teacher has told us in the classes : when we are in doubt about the words order, simply use the romanian words order (this is my native language) and the order will be ok most of the times. I guess that the greek order sounds a bit unnatural for you as english native speaker. In English the grammar is missing certain features such as declination. This means that the words order can influence a lot the meaning: "the dog eats the cat" vs "the cat eats the dog". The order is the only clue for knowing who is eating whom. The Greek allows some flexibility : "ο σκύλος τρώει την γάτα " and "την γάτα τρώει ο σκύλος" mean the same thanks to the nouns declinations (the dog is the one who eats the cat in both sentences because ο σκύλος is nominative case and την γάτα is accusative). But I guess that the first sentence is used usually (while the second would be used only when putting extra emphasis the cat is the one who gets eaten, not someone else).
May 20, 2016
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