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Please could you check my vocabulary answers in text, I have 2 mistakees here SOS I will put + near the correct answer in my opinion The dominant form of transport in the twentieth century is undoubtedly the motor car. But as the century draws to a close, a large (number+,deal, lot, amount) of road users are abandoning these petrol-driven, four-wheeled boxes for a much cleaner, more efficient (machine+, motor, engine, mechanic) : the bicycle. It is not a new invention, of course. In 1817, Baron von Drais invented what (became+, made, grew, came)known as the ‘running machine’. This was a two-wheeled vehicle which looked very (similar+, like, same, equal) to a bicycle, (except+, though, yet, but) that it had no chain or pedals. The rider simply sat in the saddle and ran. It is surprising that these machines were so (popular+, usual, general, charming) when you consider how uncomfortable they (could+, must, cant, can) have been, but they were very fashionable (among+, around, between, inside) the upper classes. -------------continue belowIt was not until 1885 that something truly (resembling+, looking, appearing,assemblicn) a modern bicycle came onto the market. The ‘safety cycle’ (started+,pointed,marked,showed) the beginning of the age of the new two-wheeler. This was not just an expensive (toy+, play, joke,game) for the amusement of the upper classes. It was a cheap and practical machine, it was not (long+, short, far,ages) before everyone had one. With the (rise+, lift, height, climb) in car use in the 1950s and 60s, the bicycle went into decline. The car was, after all, faster and more (comfortable+,easy, soft, warmer) . Until there were so many of them, that is! Nowadays more and more people realize that for city journeys a bicycle can be up to five (times+, ways, hours,ages) faster than a car – and it is much easier to find a parking space!
May 18, 2016 3:54 PM
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(Could+ is wrong. Another idea of the right answer? (Started+ is wrong. Started duplicates beginning.
May 18, 2016
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