Meaning 1.way to sum it up 2. I'll keep him company 3.he is great hang 4. Wrong people get to be immortal 5.( He took a bigger bite out of my energy bar than I expected but ) I blame that on the heat. Blame that on the heat? 6. It's all in how you present yourself
May 18, 2016 11:38 PM
Answers · 1
1. Way to sum it up. > This means you've done a good job of summarizing the situation or facts. It is often said with sarcasm. 2. I'll keep him company. > This means that you will stay with him. "Keep someone company" is an expression used to say you will be a companion. Often it is said when others need to leave. 3. He is A great hang. > I've never used this one, but I think it means he is great to spend time with. 4. The wrong people get to be immortal. > Again, I have never used this but it means that the people who are remembered after death are generally not truly worthy of the distinction. 5. I blame that on the heat. > I'm really not sure about this one. Sorry. Maybe, because it is hot, he was hungrier than I realized and ate more than I expected. I'm guessing. 6. It's all in how you present yourself. > 'to present' can mean 'to show oneself to others or at a place.' So this one means that how you present yourself can make a big impact on how you are perceived. dictionary.com
May 19, 2016
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