I truly appreciate anyone who tells me wether these phrases are right or not? Thank you in advance. Thank you so much for your complimentary and all you're doing for me. In fact, I'm being prepared to take TOFEL or IELTS test, at most, in one or two months and I hope I can get an acceptable grade.
May 19, 2016 7:29 AM
Answers · 5
Hi Mahdi, what you wrote is quite good and is certainly understandable, however, as a native speaker, I would say something like the following: Thank you very much for your compliments, and everything you're doing for me. In fact I'm preparing for, either an IELTS or TOEFL test, which I'm planning to take in one or two months at the latest, and I hope I'll get an acceptable grade (or: I hope I'll be able to get an acceptable grade). Anyway...Good luck with your exam :-)
May 19, 2016
you could say " thank you so much for your compliment" but "complimentary" is wrong. also, I would say " I am preparing to take" rather than " I am being prepared" though it is not a mistake to say that. good luck.
May 19, 2016
Last attemt for The Exam I was take it first time for me I didnt Study To Much Not read so much , But really i have a good practice and a good knowleage when i was Study Medical School , If you want to pass it there are many choices / Study with Groups / Study with a techer who is expet in the exam / Read books to much and try pre test / the hardest thing Is Reading foucs in it and in write part / listen speaking is easy part take it easy and up your mark as you can
May 19, 2016
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