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如何翻譯這段話?请大家帮我修改一下 华侨构成了世界移民的重要部分,也促进了侨乡的文化变迁和社会经济发展。广东开平自十八世纪华工赴美到改革开放的三次移民潮均映射中国与移居国的社会经济发展程度、社会制度、移民政策等因素对侨乡不同社会阶层社会流动及其移民行为的影响。而侨乡的以血缘,亲属为纽带的宗族社会网络为移民行为提供了付诸现实的可能性。一百多年的移民历史影响着侨乡人民的价值观、行为准则和人生态度并衍生出独有的移民文化,使其移民潮连绵不断,影响深远。
May 19, 2016 9:42 AM
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Not only is the emigration of overseas Chinese an important chapter in the history of migration in the world, but it also plays a positive role in the cultural social and economic development in Kaiping, the homeland of a significant overseas Chinese population. From the California Gold Rush in the nineteenth century to the Reform and Opening Up, three waves of emigration have taken place in Kaiping, Guangdong. The unfolding of these episodes reveals how emigration is conditioned by the difference in the levels of social economic development and in social systems between China and the destination countries, as well as by the immigration policies in the host countries. Importantly, chain migration is made possible by the local social structure based on corporate form of kinship. The century-long history of emigration in Kaiping helps shape the values, social norms and mentality of local people and nurtures a unique culture of emigration, which proves to be a long-lasting trend with deep ramifications.
May 20, 2016
May 19, 2016
May 19, 2016
Overseas migrants form an important part of the world, but also to promote the cultural change and socio-economic development of the overseas Chinese. Guangdong Kaiping since the eighteenth century Chinese laborers to the United States to reform and opening up three waves of immigration are mapped China and moved to the country's socio-economic development level, social system, immigration policy and other factors on Hometown different social classes and social mobility of migrants. The hometown to blood relatives as a link to clan social networks offer the possibility of migrants into reality. A hundred years of history of immigration affects the values of overseas Chinese people's conduct and attitude towards life and the derived unique immigrant culture to continuous emigration, far-reaching.翻譯這樣可以嗎?
May 19, 2016
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