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SOS! Please could you check my vocabulary answers in text I have 2 mistakes here? I will put + near the correct answer in my opinion---- France and Britain both hope that the channel Tunnel will bring economic benefits for the areas round Calais and Dover. These areas are being given money (+by,from,of,for) the European union in (+order,case,addition.fact) to overcome their economic problems and Dover wants to use some of the money to make the area (+more,much,least,far) attractive to businesses and industries, as (+well,long,good,far) as to foreign tourists. Both areas have assisted area status, (+which,this,whose,who) means they can offer money to help companies move. This has (+already,since,still,yet) enabled a number of British firms to relocate round Calais. Now the British hope that French companies will (+make,do,act,behave) the same round Dover. They are particularly (+interested,worried,concerned,anxious) in food processing companies which could (+consume,use,be,cultivate) local farm produce. continue is below----Because of the Tunnel, (+there,it,that,which) will be better communication links (+between,among,in,with) Britain and the continent. Furthermore, new roads on (+both,all,every,each) sides of the Channel will encourage businesses to move to Kent, in South East England, and there is a (+plan,method,system,map) to build business parks there to promote the area. Another benefit of the Tunnel could be an (+increase,inflation,extension,addition) in the number of tourists from abroad. Certainly, having two stages of the Tour de France in South East England will be an excellent (+way,manner,answer,solution) to promote the area.
May 19, 2016 3:46 PM
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around not round will do the same Around Dover could use local farm produce (consume sounds right until you think about it a bit) Your "+" are correct everywhere else Certainly.... do you really want to start a sentence with this word? In English it is a bit of a "weasel word", when I hear it I assume the sentence is unproven and someone grasping at straws. But maybe that is me. :-)
May 19, 2016
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