Preparation of the presentation for exam. Part 2 -reduction of water activity to the level that bacteriological damage of products becomes slow -reduction of usable volume that is needed to store and conveу products(namely for fruit and vegetable juice as well as beer) - increase of required components in the solution to necessary level( for exemple, increase of the content of alcohol in wine ) - acceleration of process of sedimentation ( for wine and beer) - partial dehydration of solution before total dehydration to reduce production expenses for drying or to conserve the maximum of flavoring substance ( first of all for coffee and tea extracts) 7) At present almost all fluid products are concentrated by evaporating. But this process has a number of disadvantages: partial loss of the vitamins and aroma, heavy corrosion of the equipment, physicochemical changes of the finished product contents
May 21, 2016 6:23 AM