Joseph Lemien
Non-iron shirts I have looked in a dictionary, but I cannot find how to talk about non-iron shirts in Chinese. What phrase can I use to describe a shirt that doesn't have to be ironed because it is resistant to wrinkles?
May 21, 2016 10:43 AM
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免烫衬衫 通常“免+xx”能表示不需要或不必的意思 Usually 免+xx means that you don't need to do something 例如: For example: 免费:不需要交费 free 免考:不需要考试 don't need to take an exam 免票:不需要门票 don't need to buy tickets 但不是所有词汇都能这样搭配 But not every words can be used like this way 例如:免走 don't need to go 我们不这样说 We don't say like this 希望能帮到你 Hope that I can help you
May 21, 2016
if I translate directly in Chinese. “没有熨过的衣服” I can't give you a short answer ,sorry.
May 21, 2016
You could use the word 免熨烫(mian3yun4tang4).There are many words and phrases with the word 免mian3 in Chinese,such as 免洗(mian3xi3),免费(mian3fei4),免税(mian3shui4) which mean disposable(no need to wash),free(no need to pay) and free tax.
May 22, 2016
无需熨烫的衬衫或者免熨烫衬衫。 恩。。。我并不专业。。。
May 21, 2016
Sorry. It means "不熨烫的衣服”
May 21, 2016
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