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Can you translate this sentence from Korean to English? Can you translate this to English, please: "텀플러 놈들도 블러디 커니발 걸리는 건 아니겠지."? It's from Korean manhwa. Previous sentences are: "상대할 가치도 없는 놈들이 었는데... " and "기분 나쁜게 피가... "
May 21, 2016 10:57 AM
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"텀플러 놈들도 블러디 커니발 걸리는 건 아니겠지." == 텀플러 놈들도 블러디 카니발 걸리는 것은 아니겠지? - 텀플러 놈들도: "The Tumpler guys too", in a derogatory sense, like the Tumpler jerks [goons, thugs, etc]. - 블러디 카니발: "Bloody Carnival". It's unclear what it is. (there seems to be a movie and video game Blood(y) Carnival). - 걸리는 것은 아니겠지(?): They'll not get (Bloody Carnival), will they? "I wouldn't suppose they'll get ...". - 걸리다: get/contract a disease, ailment, flue, etc. (it has other related meaning too, like "get caught up with ..") - XX는 것은 아니겠지?: Not(아니겠지) going to XX (XX는 것은)? => I'm afraid (it will) XX (confirm by asking the opposite rhetorically). So, the sentence is literally: - Could it be that the Tumpler jerks will get Bloody Carnival too? (if Bloody Carnival is some sort of ailment) But it could be a bit different too: - Would the Tumpler jerks be mired in Bloody Carnival too. (if Bloody Carnival is some event) That is my best guess, but I can't be sure not knowing too much of the context.
May 21, 2016
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