"Творчество" значит? Я часто вижу это слово в интернете но ещё не знаю что это значит. Я уверен что это не только значит "creation"
May 21, 2016 3:05 PM
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Generally “творчество" means the process of creating something new/ unique or the result of such creation. If we are talking about art: - artist's paintings might be named as his/her "Творчество" . For example, " На этой выставке предствлено творчество (=работы) молодого художника" - general sphere of work . For example, "Он занимается творчеством" means that he is a kind of person whose profession is connected to art/music/etc. - process of creating and working under projects might be also called "Творчество". For example, "Голубой период в творчестве Пикассо начался в 1901 году. "
May 21, 2016
_Literally_ it is the same as "creativity". But it means something different. Creativity is the quailty/ability of a person. Творчество is understood as one of basic human needs. It is an occupation, a _process_. It is related to cretion of something new and brings about somewhat romantic/ religious associations. We rarely apply it to finding creative solutions for problems - or, if we do so we explicitly state: "it is also творчество". We would apply it to something not really romantic (like web-design) only if the artist in question feels this way him/herself. In most cases by this people mean art (any art: literature etc.) But it can be applied to anything which involves creativity: научное творчество. Sometimes it is used in way resembling a mass noun for 'products of creative work': "в творчестве Модильяни прослеживается...." - here it means both his works and his approach and can be translated with 'art of Modogliani"
May 21, 2016
It also means „creative work“ and in some contexts „art“ (like „народное творчество“ ~ „etnik sanat“).
May 21, 2016
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