Can you help with this sentence? I really don't know what this means... I know the meaning of words (instead of 차게만) , but if I try to put in sentence, it means nothing to me... >< 더운데 더위 조심하고 그렇다고 너무 차게만 먹으면 안되요~ Thanks for help x3
May 22, 2016 1:37 PM
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"더운데 더위 조심하고 그렇다고 너무 차게만 먹으면 안되요" => 더운데 더위 조심하고, 그렇다고 너무 차게만 먹으면 안 돼요. => Be wary of the heat as it is hot, but even then you shouldn't subsist exclusively on cold foods. => Take care of yourself in this hot spell, but you shouldn't only eat cold foods for that. 더운데 더위 조심하고 : It's hot, so be wary. - 더운데: 덥다(hot, warm) + ~ㄴ데(connective for "as", "since", "with", to show a reason or background - so) - 더위(를) 조심하고: 더위(heat, hot weather) 조심하다(be wary/careful of) + 고(connective ending for "and"). 그렇다고 너무 차게만 먹으면 안 돼요: But despite that, don't only eat cold foods. - 그렇다고: 그렇다(it is so) + 고 => just because of that; still; yet; "with that said". - 너무: too much; so much; excessively. - 차게만: 차게(adv. form of 차다: cold) + ~만 (particle for "solely", "only") => only cold. - 차게 먹다: eat cold, subsist on cold foods (ice cream, etc). - 차게만 먹다: only eat cold foods. - ~면 안 돼요: It won't(안) do(돼요) if you ... (...면) => You should not ...
May 22, 2016
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