do these have the same meaning? 안녕하세요 I have some questions. .hope you can help me..thank you^^ Do these verbs have the same meaning? 입금하다=저금하다=은행에 돈을 넣다 넣다=배달하다(내일부터 신문을 넣어 주세요) 돈을 찾다 = 저금을 찾다
May 22, 2016 4:02 PM
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* 입금하다, 저금하다, etc. - 저금하다 is somewhat related but different from the others. - 입금하다: deposit funds/money. Used mostly at the bank. (Banks have sections for 입금, 출금, 환전, etc). - 저금하다: save money (in a bank account). Everyday common word for "setting aside money for the future". - 은행에 돈을 넣다: similar to 입금하다 (입 means 넣다), but not as widely used. Ex: 은행에 [통장에] 20만 원 입금시켜라 [입금해라] = 은행에 20만 원 넣어라. * 넣다, 배달하다 - they're synonyms in this context, but not generally. - 넣다: put/place/stick in somewhere/something, submit, deposit. - 배달하다: deliver. - 신문을 넣어주세요="Put the paper in (at my door)" is synonymous with 신문을 배달해 주세요 (deliver it). * 돈을 찾다, 저금을 찾다 - 저금을 찾다 is one particular instance of the more general 돈을 찾다. - 돈을 찾다: withdraw money (저금, 적금, 적립금, etc). Also 출금하다 (<-> 입금하다). - 저금을 찾다: withdraw money from one's savings account. (from your last post) - 전공: major, or a major program; the subject that one majors in. (법학 전공 = law major) - 학과: the department associated with the major program (not always 1-to-1 though). - 전공 과목: 1. one's major(subject one majors in). 2. a course or subject required or offered for a particular major. (거시경제학은 경제학과의 전공 과목이다 => Macroeconomics is a course offered in the economics major program) 이번 학기는 3 전공과목을 선택했어요 => 이번 학기에는 전공 과목을 셋[세 개] 선택했어요. (#2 meaning of 전공 과목) => In this semester I selected 3 courses in my major [in my major program] / I selected 3 major subjects. 이번 학기는 20 학점을 선택[신청]했어요 => I selected [signed up for] 20 (credit) units. 학점 is a credit unit (or credit hour). Each course has an associated 학점 (usually from 1 to 3).
May 22, 2016
1) 입금하다=저금하다=은행에 돈을 넣다 Those three expressions can be used to mean "deposit at your bank account" However each phrase can be used at different situation too. 입금하다 can be used "wire transfer" too. 저금하다 can be used "deposit at your bank account" but also "save money" 은행에 돈을 넣다 can be used only to mean "deposit at your bank account" 2) 넣다=배달하다(내일부터 신문을 넣어 주세요) (신문을) 넣다 / 배달하다 can be used "delivery newspaper" 3) 돈을 찾다 = 저금을 찾다 You can use both phrases to mean "withdraw money (from your bank account)" "돈을 찾다" can be used when you got back your money after you lost it too.
May 22, 2016
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