Dave Paroulek
How do you say "You are always right!" in Korean? How would you say "She's always right" or "You're always right"? Is this correct? 항상 맞아요
May 23, 2016 5:25 PM
Answers · 1
To a friend or a kid, you can say 너는 항상 옳아. (옳다 = right) 너는 항상 맞아 is okay, but it is more like "You are always correct". Also, 맞다 has many meanings. It can be interpreted as "You always take a (physical) beating" for example. To adults, you can say, "XX 씨는 항상 옳아요", or "XX 씨는 언제나 맞아요", where XX is the person's first name. 항상, 언제나, and 늘 all mean "always".
May 23, 2016
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