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Did you ever think that you are a part of a STORY ? What i wanna say, that in ur ordinary life, your work or school, everything you do, did u ever had the idea that you are living a kind of a roman or story? how ? would u explain it ?
Oct 29, 2008 8:16 AM
Answers · 3
I thought of myself and everyone else in a game called Monopoly. We are the game pieces and we are trying to buy properties and make money hehe Or here's my other thought...We are just organisms living on a dust in a vacuum cleaner. Yea I'm crazy haha...
October 29, 2008
If I was in a game of MONOPOLY, I'd want to be the hat. Is that okay?
October 29, 2008
yes i think that GAD made us for a rison that not just to pray......not just this but also to learn and live as our responsabiliti and as we know so i thinke that i'm a parte of a great think and i'm glad to be in it and i hope that i'll be good in it and sorry i don't thinke that we are a paret of story!!!^_____^
October 30, 2008
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