qing wen ni feel shen me shi ai?
Oct 29, 2008 4:59 PM
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我觉得爱是无条件接受一个人,包括他(她)的优点和不足。 wo jue de ai shi wu tiao jian jie shou yi ge ren,bao kuo ta de you dian he bu zu. I think love is to accept the person u love with no aim,including his(her) advantages as well as disadvantage
October 30, 2008
我想以前看过的两句话可以代表我的看法,原话不太记得,大致意思是这样的: 世界有两种爱,一种像空气,你感觉不到它的存在,但它一直在你身边,就像你不是不呼吸而是忘了自己一直在呼吸。还有一种爱,像火,热情而奔放,但火焰终究要熄灭...... 楼上是在做广告吗?
October 30, 2008
汉字,很有意思。 如果你会写繁体字,你可以写出来看看。繁体的爱字还保留着一些古汉语文字的痕迹。 最早在汉语中出现的爱字是这么写的: 爱字的中间,是一个房子,房子上面有一只手护着它,房子里面有一颗心,下面另一只手托着那颗心。 这就是中国人的祖先造这个字的寓意。 恐怕不少中国人也没注意到这一点吧? 顿时发现,在这个字面前,一切的解释都是那么的苍白。。。
October 29, 2008
In Chinese,"Ai" is tantamount the English word "love". But there are some different meanings between these two words. In fact, Ai has more widely meanings than love.In English love means sth can satisfy your needs,but in chinese the sense of Ai also includes sth attracts your desire so that you wanna sacrefice(even your life).Ai means pure love in Chinese, it's not only a kind of emotion, but also a kind of ideality in Chinese culture.It is without selfish and harmful sense.
November 5, 2008
请问你感觉爱是什么? hehe,I think your question dont have a standerd answer. different people have different ideas.but I think they do indeed have there own opinions,though sometimes they dont know how to express their feelings. But to me ,love is a feeling ,a pure will never feel lonely anymore in this noisy world. nothing can exchange with it .it has an unlimited value. it is the power we heading on and without it ,the life is meaningless.
November 3, 2008
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