Is gambling common in your country? What's your opinion? Australians gamble quite a bit, even those who can least afford it: two up, horse races[ The 3 minute Melbourne Cup is the most famous] tattslotto tickets, scratch and win tickets, lotteries, greyhound races,casinos and pokies. How much do people gamble in your country?
Nov 2, 2008 7:25 AM
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In Italy, scretch and win tickets and lotteries are the most common; however, the middle class here isn't so rich, so people from it always gamble with few money. The real problem here is how far people trust "magicians", the ones on tv or not, and give them huge amounts of money to get magics, horoscopes, predictions, help...
November 3, 2008
it's forbidden activites in my country. who do it will get punishment or prisoner by gov or community. many of people here be a crezy. therefore our law forbid this activities.
November 3, 2008
Here in Mexico you need an special permit to build a casino. Probably because of that there are only a handful of them. However there are many state-run lotteries that (supposedly) try to get money to help some development programmes. We also have dog/car/horse racing, but they are not very popular among the majority of the people. I would said that in general Mexican people (and probably Latin Americans) do not spend as much money as people from other countries.
November 2, 2008
Ever hear of Las Vegas? Between there Atlantic City and a multitude of American Indian casinos one can find a variety of ways to fulfill their gambling desires. Every state in America but two (Hawaii and Utah) have some form of gambling be it horse or dog racing, lotteries or casinos. I have been to Las Vegas countless times and it was my favorite vacation spot for many years. Everyone's looking for a 'fast buck' and gambling provides an opportunity albeit not a good one to achieve that.
November 2, 2008
It's all regulated by the state here so there's not really a lot of gambling going on, except for the official licensed casinos which have to abide to strict rules and regulations. Plus quite a bit goes to the state treasury so casinos aren't too eager to open their doors here. In fact the biggest casino in the Netherlands "Holland Casino" is directly linked to the state and all the profits go directly to the state treasury. http://www.hollandcasino.com/en-GB/news/default.htm We don't really have any betting activities besides that and football perhaps. During tournaments like the World Cup and European Championship many companies or groups of friends have so called "poules" where everyone gets to fill out a form with all the results and the winner gets like 60%, the number 2 30% and the 3rd gets the remaining 10%. Something like that. Technically this is illegal in the Netherlands but since it's usually not big scale and organized within a company or department of a large organization the government doesn't really find it necessary to stop these activities.
November 3, 2008
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