떨어지다 /무너지다/ 쓰러지다/ 넘어지다 they both mean 'to fall'. what is the difference between them?
Aug 14, 2016 5:32 PM
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떨어지다 /무너지다/ 쓰러지다/ 넘어지다 - 떨어지다: fall, drop from a height. 걸어 둔 액자가 떨어졌다 (A picture frame on the wall fell down). - 무너지다: crumble, fall apart. 큰 건물이 무너져 버렸다 (A big building crumbled down). - 쓰러지다: fall over; fall onto one's/its side. 심한 현기증에 쓰러졌다 (Fell down from an acute dizziness). - 넘어지다: fall by slipping or tripping. 너무 서두르다가 넘어졌다 (Fell while trying to go too fast). All these words are also used figuratively in a more abstract sense. - 떨어지다: prices fall. Fail an exam. 시험에 떨어지다 (Failed a screening exam). - 무너지다: a resolve or determination falls apart. 그의 결심은 무저지고 말았다 (His resolve fall apart). - 쓰러지다: die, perish. 이곳에서 무너지더라도 물러서지 않는다 (I won't back off even if I had to die here). - 넘어지디: meet failure. 열 번 넘어질지언정 포기 않는다 (I won't give up if I fail ten times).
August 15, 2016
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