What was the most important thing your parents did right for you?
Nov 15, 2008 4:17 AM
Answers · 9
They always have faith in me; they tell me when I'm doing wrong but let me make mistakes and learn from them; they help me with their opinion in every choice but let me free to decide; they take care of me and help me in any way they can... They're always by my side.
November 15, 2008
First, they tout me how to think by myself and not just follow! Then, they gave me morals, now i can decide for my self if i wanna have the same that the do!
November 16, 2008
I suppose conceiving me because it was all downhill after that.
November 15, 2008
November 21, 2008
gave me life, and they always think about everything good for me. they let me take some decisions about my future but they still give advices. "morals" as reiman said.
November 20, 2008
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