Please Review My Examples And Let Me Clear My Doubts? 1.a. My mom can smell something burning.(stative or by accident)- "transitive" "stative, i.e. involuntarily" 1.b. My mom is smelling the fragrance of a rose. (active or on purpose) "transitive" "dynamic, i.e. voluntarily" 2. This flower smells good.(stative or have a specific odor) "intransitive" "Involuntary" never used in "progressive tense". 3. This flower smells like a rose.(stative or have a specific odor) "intransitive" "Involuntary" never used in "progressive tense". 4. My mom is smelling like a dog.( progressive is not possible when "smell" is an intransitive verb) instead, 5. My mom is sniffing like a dog. ("intransitive" "on purpose", "voluntary") is possible. Again, 6. He is sniffing his socks to see if they need washing. ("transitive" "on purpose" "voluntary") is also possible. Please review my examples and let me know whether I am correct or not.
Jan 15, 2017 2:10 PM
Answers · 1
To be frank, I don't understand your question, Indrail. Nor do I understand your purpose of determining whether a phrase is stative or not.
January 15, 2017
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