혹시나 싶어서 meaning ? In the sentence 혹시나 싶어서 물어봤어 how does the 혹시나 function? I've heard 혹시나 해서 as something like "just in case" so maybe the sentence means "just because I felt like it (wanted to) I asked" ??? I searched for this elsewhere and couldn't find anything. thank you~
Jan 16, 2017 4:58 AM
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혹시나 싶어서 = 혹시나 해서 => (just) in case / on the off chance / on a hunch. 혹시 means "by chance", "on the slim chance that (something) might ...", or "should" as the future subjunctive. Adding 나 to it puts an emphasis, so it's talking about a really small probability. 싶다 here is remotely related to its usage in ~고 싶다, but has a different meaning here. It means having a hunch or an inkling of suspicion about something, not a desire as in ~고 싶다. Examples: - 혹시나 싶어서 뒤를 돌아봤다 - I looked back with a hunch there might be someone there (혹시 누가 뒤에 있나 해서 ...) - 혹시나 해서 물어봤어 - I asked just in case / I asked spurred by a hunch. - 혹시(나) 네게 무슨 일이 있나 해서 - In case something's the matter with you. (full form which includes what the suspicion/concern is about)
January 16, 2017
You got right, 혹시나 means just in case, so 혹시나 해서 물었어 (not 묻었어- 묻었어 means 'bury') means that I asked you just in case.
January 16, 2017
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