Please help me with English Express the same in a different way: Example: They say that the schoolchildren will spend two weeks in Canterbury. The schooIchildren are said to spcnd two wccks in Canterbury. l) They feel that the comprornise is not easy to achieve. 2) They supposc that thc ccologists discussed а nunber of serious problems. 3) They report that the minister is taking part in the talks. 4) They think that the place is popular with holidaymakers. 5) They declared that the situation in the south of the country was dangerous. 6) They agree that the conference will begin at eleven. 7) They believe that the book is selling well. 8) They believe that the govern­ment spokesman won't arrive on time. 9) They find that the roads are too busу at this hour. 10) They hope that the article will appear in April. 11) They say the term "collicler" is often used in physics howadays. 12) They believe Rose lives in St Petersburg. 13) They think Alice likes being close to nature and far from civilization .
Jan 16, 2017 8:53 AM
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Hi Anastasia, here are a couple of thoughts: 1) Could you try doing the homework first, before asking for help? We will certainly help you if you show you are willing to try. 2) Please check your spelling. You used "c" in place of "e" so often that I thought my computer screen had a problem. I'm very familiar with the grammar exercise, but it's up to you to take care with your writing and make an effort.
January 16, 2017
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