gambling tickets?? Time was running out. Dordor and Harmin might send word any minute and the most beautiful girl in the world would disappear in a matter of hours. I was waiting for father to leave the house but he just wouldn’t. It was like he was nailed down! So I decided to ignore him. This was a big decision. Very big! I’d take my only chance that day and place a bet to the possibility of my father not going down to the reservoir. I was a born gambler. A million to one odds was enough for me. That, and I was counting on the fact that father woke around noon, came around in the afternoon, started drinking before nightfall and made me do everything shed- or reservoir-related. So I might not have been that big a gambler. I’ve always felt more like a gambling ticket anyway. I was even willing to put in my will that my bones be made into gambling tickets. That wouldn’t be halfway bad. At least, it wouldn’t be against my nature! I would like to know what does "gambling tickets" here mean. Thanks.
Jan 16, 2017 1:36 PM
Answers · 2
Hi KellyXu Well, I think a 'gambling ticket' suggests a piece of paper that you are given when you go to a bookmaker and place a bet. Evidence that you have made the bet. Like a receipt. If you bet on a horse race you would need to provide the 'ticket' to collect your winnings. In the UK we normally call this a 'betting slip'. Not sure what the term is in the US or other English speaking countries. What does the simile 'like a gambling ticket' mean in this context? To be honest, I am not sure, perhaps it means that the character feels as though someone else will one day give him/her to some other person in exchange for money. Maybe his/her parents have spent a lot of money on educating the character in the belief that when the character grows up he/she will provide for them financially (sorry if this sentence is a bit complicated, it's a complicated idea to express!). On the other hand if you are reading a book that has been translated into English from another language, then perhaps, this phrase is an idiom in that language? I hope this helps Chris
January 16, 2017
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