Nguyen Thanh Cong
Can you help me to explain 2 expressions in this paragraph? I translated a book about women for a male client, and i give him last week (sorry because this topic can offend you), but he is very picky, so he asked me to explain some confusing expressions in this following paragraph: "When women are unable to suppress their desires, however, they will act like it but not admit it, and when the truth is exposed they will try to downplay the extent of their adventures and their responsibility for them. You can see signs of this if you pay attention to how they usually explain why they first slept with a man. They often describe it a little like this: “It just happened …,” “I had been drinking …,” “I was very confused during that time …,” “He took me …,” and so on. Can you help me to explain 2 expressions "It just happened...." and "he took me..". Thank you!
Jan 17, 2017 2:20 PM