Carlos Grande
Take down the minutes What is the meaning of that expression in this sentece....? Sam was secretary and so he took down the minutes of the meeting. Thanks in advance :D
Jan 17, 2017 11:47 PM
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"Meeting minutes" are notes that are taken during a meeting: the main points of what was discussed, and the action items that people were going to work on as a result of their discussions during the meeting. It's a standard term used in business.
January 18, 2017
"Minutes" is a technical term in the language of formal committee meetings and "parliamentary procedure." In a formal meeting, in which people "make motions," take votes, and make binding decisions, there is a person who has the job of "secretary." The secretary takes detailed notes which will become the official record of the meeting. The "minutes" are the small details... literally, the minute details. Here is an example of the situation in which you might hear language like this. At the end of the meeting, the secretary uses the notes to write up a clean report. At the beginning of the next meeting, the first "item of business" is "reading the minutes." The chairman asks "Will the secretary please read the minutes of the last meeting?" The secretary reads them, and then asks "Are there any corrections or additions to the minutes?" A committee member might say "Did we actually say we would buy the snowblower, or did we just authorize Wendell to price snowblowers and get back to us?" Another member might say "that's right, we just wanted Wendell to get prices. I move to amend the minutes accordingly" "Seconded." The chairman might ask "Do we need a vote on that?" "No, he's right." "Any objections? No? Hearing no objections, I instruct the secretary to amend the minutes accordingly."
January 18, 2017
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