2 questions: 1. What's the difference between "replace" and "displace"? 2.What's the difference between "constitute", "consist", "comprise"?
Jan 18, 2017 8:24 AM
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Hi Dinghui, When we use the word "replace", we are substituting an item for another. For instance, you are trying on an L sized shirt. It doesn't fit you, so you replaced the L sized shirt with another M sized shirt. The L sized shirt is gone and you now have only the M sized shirt. The word "displace" describes something or someone which is made to move out of its usual rightful place. Examples: You have a bathtub full of water. Then you step into the bathtub. Some water flows out of the bathtub. The water that was made to flow out is water that is displaced. Country X has a civil war. Many refugees are forced to escape to another country. We say that the refugees are displaced from their homes. Hope this helps. Cheers, Lance
January 18, 2017
Greetings, Displace is a synonym for replace. Under circumstances to use: Displace can be used to show that something has been moved from its usual place. Meaning: Take over the place, position, or role of (someone or something). Example: “A tone of people have been displaced by floods.” Replace can be used to show that another thing has taken place of another. Meaning: To put back in place of. Example: “He broke the glass and replaced it with a new one” Meanings of displace 1. To move or shift from the usual place or position or to force to leave a homeland: Example: Millions of refugees were displaced by the war. 2. To take the place of; supplant. 3. To discharge from an office or position. Meanings of replace 1. To put back into a former position or place. 2. To take or fill the place of. 3. To be or provide a substitute for. 4. To pay back or return; refund. Hope it helps Regards, mantra Deepika
January 18, 2017
Replace: If you have an object x standing on the table - You will be able to 'replace' it by changing its position. Replace = Place an object once again - Change the position of an object. Displace: Let's assume you're working in a Falafel bar. If I'm the reason behind the fact that you're getting fired and I'm taking your job then I've displaced you.
January 18, 2017
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