instructor or lecturer or teacher? Is it true the uk or us college teachers usually call themselves instructor when their official title is “lecturer” (not professor ). For example, Can I introduce myself with "I'm an instructor at XX university and I teach math" if i'm a college teacher? Another question is someone once told me colleges instructors is often a general term for people who teach but aren't full time employees. Is that true?
Jan 19, 2017 8:55 AM
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So, great question, generally in the UK: Teacher is someone who teaches people at school up to about 18. Lecturer is someone who teaches people at University so roughly 18-25 Instructor can be someone who is teaching a skill so welding/car driving/ swimming etc. But they can also be say second degree students who are coaching first degree student in technical subjects in a laboratory. But there will always be individuals who break the rules for their own reasons. Professors have a "chair" which means they get specific funding and can focus on specific areas of research. They may or may not be heads of department, but a head of department will be a Professor. You also need to understand the difference between a college and a University in the UK and the USA, since I don't understand the US system I cannot comment. In the UK the term instructor is not a general term for a part time employee on the teaching staff of a University but it does designate a junior position and may be part time.
January 19, 2017
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