Is this a good way of preparing myself for an advanced English language exam? I have a B2 level language exam but I want to take a C1 in August. I think I will choose EuroExam. So, what I do almost everyday is - watching series in English without any subtitle - reading novels in English - listening to audio books and during that making notes of what I've learned about the story - improving my vocabulary, learning new words and using Anki so as not to forget them I think I should write a little bit on a daily bases but I don't have a clue what. Am I doing it right? Or are these just a waste of time? What should I do? At the moment I'm unemployed so I can't afford to go to a privet teacher.
Jan 19, 2017 3:03 PM
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Hi Alexandra, What I see is that you have a lot of great input - listening, reading, watching, learning new words. These are definitely good ways to learn. But what you are lacking is output - speaking and writing - as well as correction on your output. You need correction, e.g., to know if you are using your new vocabulary words correctly, or if you are pronouncing words correctly. For this you need a teacher. However, I understand your financial situation - that's hard. Perhaps you could join a group instead of hiring a private tutor...? good luck! Nancy
January 19, 2017
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