I'm confused..... We recently learned how to use に行く in my Japanese class and it mostly makes sense, however I've come across a question that I don't understand. We're supposed to re-write the sentence using に行く うちに行きて、ねみませんでしたか。That's not the exact sentence but it follows the form that's used in the question. How do I keep the negative form when turning it into a verb stem + に行く sentence. Thanks!
Jan 21, 2017 8:20 PM
Answers · 4
行く+ない(not)=行かない When I want to say" I don't go there", I will say 私はそこへ行かない basically, if you want to make a negative sentence, put ない behind a verb, like this. 食べる(eat)+ない=食べない I don't eat an apple →私はリンゴを食べない
January 22, 2017
うちに行きて、ねみませんでしたか this does not make sense, i can't infer at all
January 22, 2017
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