Confused by some lines of a sticom I'm watching a old sitcom called The Golden Girls. There's some lines I can't understand. Blanche is looking for a new roommate and she interviewed a woman called Madame Zelda. When her name was spoke by Blanche there's so much laughter. I'm curious about who is Madame Zelda? It sounds like that she is a famous Psychic, but I can‘t find her information in Wiki. And Madame Zelda said:“Mrs. Devereaux, you must leave this house at once. It's possessed by an evil spirit.” Blanche said:“Actually, it's possessed by Miami Federal. And at seven percent, you couldn't blast me out of here.” I don't know what the “ at seven percent” means. When Dorothy met Rose, Rose was saying:"Oh, it's been such a lovely day. Mr. Sunshine really gave us one of his biggest and brightest smiles. Oh, I feel like putting my arms around Mother Nature and giving her a big kiss. Hi, you must be Dorothy." Dorothy:"And you must be Mrs. Rogers." I know Mrs. Rogers is a kind of spices, but why Dorothy call Rose that?
Jan 22, 2017 9:05 AM
Answers · 2
One thing to be aware of is that, until fairly recently, it was common to use "canned laughter" in sitcoms. Canned laughter consists of different intensities of audience laughter recorded at live events in multiple venues over several years. The programme producers blend the recorded laughter into the soundtrack in an attempt to convince viewers that they are watching something funny and, therefore, to encourage them to keep watching so that they will be in position in front of the TV set when the next tranche of commercials are broadcast.
January 22, 2017
I don't know the show that well, but I have seen it. Anyway, yes Madame Zelda is a Psychic. 7 percent is the interest rate from the financial institution (Miami Federal) on the mortgage of Dorothy's house -which is why she can't leave. And I assume that what Rose was saying to Dorothy was similar to a 'Mrs Rogers' commercial.
January 22, 2017
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