Sell like buns\do this up\cue the track\ - please help to understand The video to understand a situation: The dialogue starts at 13:10 My questions: 1. Shantae says: Second, a Squid Baron spin-off game would only appeal to a subset of the same audience, so it’s gonna sell like buns! But the second part defies logic. If the game will be bought by only a small number of people it will not "sell like buns", it would be a failure, that's why Hypno Baron says: "How embarrassing." Am I right? 2. - Let’s do this up all crazy style! (What does "do this up" means in this context?) - Cue the funky boss track and come at me! ("Cue the funky boss track" - ????) I'll be much oblidged for explanations.
Jan 23, 2017 7:36 AM