Sylar Long
is there a word witch can describe this? In Chinese, it called "儿保". It means to take children to see the doctor, not for the ill but checking the grow status like weight, height, sport, speech etc.
Jan 23, 2017 8:30 AM
Answers · 5
I do not believe we have a specific word for this in English. The closest term I can think of is "routine checkup," but that can apply to adults as well and certainly doesn't mean exactly the same thing.
January 23, 2017
I really like the idea of a "word-witch". Which is what I accidentally read in the title to your post. :D Note that the word "which" is spelled like that. But here I'd recommend "Is there a word that can describe this." The Chicago Manual of Style recommends avoiding "which" in restrictive relative clauses.
January 23, 2017
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