Jung Kwang Soon
Can you help me with this sentence from Killing Mockingbird? :) Hello guys! Can any of you guys help me with understanding underlined sentence below? This sentence is from Killing Mockingbird. I expected this novel would be really hard to understand but I didn't expect to have problem at the very first page of the novel... :( 'He was unhappy lest he be tempted into doing what he knew was not for the glory of god, as the putting on of gold and costly apparel.' In this sentence, can I replace the word 'as' in the sentence 'as the putting on of gold' into such as? which makes this sentence into 'what he knew was not for the glory of god, such as putting on of gold and costly apparel' Can Any of you guys help me with these sentence? Please help :)
Jan 23, 2017 12:51 PM
Answers · 2
Do you mean 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee?
January 23, 2017
Yes. To be honest, I think it better (or at least more modern) English if it says 'such as.' I am unclear as to whether this is your only question or if you want the phrase to be explained? The sentence means: 'He was worried about being tempted into doing something that (other people would think) was behaviour that God would not appreciate, such as wearing expensive clothes.'
January 23, 2017
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