How to say "it broke my heart in arabic"?? If i want to say "(it) broke my heart in arabic" can i say : إنه كسر قلبي or this : إنه كسرت قلبي or this: كسرت قلبي which one of this is the best option? I think maybe this إنه كسرت قلبي is the best option because you use "it"=إنه which is more directly because i dont say "you" example: you broke my heart, i wanna say it broke my heart!. and كسرت is in past tense cuz it has a ت in the end of the word. any ideas?? plizz help.
Jan 24, 2017 4:11 PM
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Alexandra, You don't really have to use "كسر", because we have other suitable ways to say "you/ it broke my heart" in Arabic, such as "فَطَر". I don't mean that using كسر is wrong, but in Arabic you have many equivalents to the broken heart but not necessarily using the literal translation, which is كسر in this case. So if you want to say: 1. "It broke my heart": لقد فَطَرَ/ فَطَرَتْ قلبي Or فَطَرَ/ فَطَرَتْ قلبي Examples: The end of the novel broke my heart: نهاية الرواية فَطَرَت قلبي/ فَطَرَت نهاية الرواية قلبي The sight of the ship sinking broke my heart: منظر السفينة وهي تغرق فَطَرَ قلبي 2. "You broke my heart": - To a male: فَطَرْتَ قلبي/ لقد فَطَرْتَ قلبي - To a female: فَطَرْتِ قلبي/ لقد فَطَرْتِ قلبي 3. "Broken heart": قلبٌ مفطور. If for any reason you still wish to use the verb كسر, then "It broke my heart" would be: كَسَرَ/ كَسَرَتْ قلبي Or لقد كَسَرَ/ كَسَرَتْ قلبي. Always give us a context in your questions, this way we'll be able to help you in a better way. I wish you all the best :)
January 27, 2017
You can say لقد كسر قلبي إنه كسر قلبي sounds a little bit weird إنه كسرت قلبي is wrong كسرتَ قلبي means you broke my heart Give me the sentence and I will correct it for you if you like.
January 24, 2017
إنه كسر قلبي
January 26, 2017
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