Alan Y.L
2 questions. Thanks. Just stumbled across 2 sentences I don't quite understand: 1. Vaya nombre estupido! I guess this means "What a stupid name!" Can I say "Vaya tiempo agradable!" ? Some example please. 2. Palomitas al microonda, ..., palomitas al segundo. It's from a fake TV commercial in a TV show. So is "al segundo" correct (popcorn to a second)? Can I say "palomitas en un segundo"? Thanks in advance!
Jan 24, 2017 6:52 PM
Answers · 6
1. It is correct. We don't use it very much in Mexico though. It is more of a Spain thing. We would say something like: "¡Qué día tan bueno!" "¡Qué persona más antipática!" (since we don't use "tío" either, Spanish people do). 2. We would say something like "palomitas al instante" or "palomitas al momento" rather than "al segundo". "Al segundo" sounds like a Spanish TV Ad in the United States. Hope my answers is of help!
January 24, 2017
Hi Alan, 1. Your guess is correct. I haven't heard "vaya tiempo agradable" (Spain here), but probably it is fine in Central or South America. We do say "vaya día tan bueno" (what a nice day (weather). We use "vaya" in both derogatory and flattering ways: "¡Vaya tío tan antipático!" ; "¡Vaya coche tiene Luis!" 2. In Spain people would probably say "en un segundo"; also, "palomitas al momento" (on the spot) Again, "al segundo" is much probably fine in other countries. I hope this helps. Carlos
January 24, 2017
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